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ADHD is a serious learning disability that can greatly interfere with a person's quality of life. Scientists are working hard on finding a cure for ADHD but they still have a ways to go. Adrafinil is a drug that some people have tried to use to treat their ADHD with some success.

An Adrafinil ADHD cure is a possibility and many people have found that using Adrafinil helps that manage their ADHD symptoms. Adrafinil is a drug that was originally formulated to help people who struggled with depression. It is also often prescribed to elderly patients to boost their energy and help them maintain their mobility. The use of Adrafinil is widespread throughout Europe, namely France. The use of the Adrafinil has not caught on here in the United States but it will eventually as more and more people are becoming aware of it.

Adrafinil has a chemical compound similar to Provigil, which is used often in the United States to treat ADHD. Adrafinil metabolizes in the body slightly differently than Provigil so some people have found it better when it comes to treating their ADHD. Adrafinil also has the benefit of being substantially less expensive of a prescription that Provigil is. Sometimes, it costs up to 75% less which makes a huge difference for people, particularly those ADHD sufferers without health insurance.
More and more research is being done on the Adrafinil ADHD cure and treatment possibilities and many people have come forward to say that the drug has been working for them. There have been reports that Adrafinil does not reduce the appetite the way other ADHD drugs do. People taking the drug still eat normally. Other people have reported that the drug does not cause them to feel jittery the way many ADHD treatments sometimes do. There is a calm energy as opposed to a rushed, manic energy.

One of the benefits of Adrafinil that many ADHD sufferers are reporting is the fact that after they take it, they have enough energy and focus to get through the day and yet they are still able to fall asleep easily at night. One of the worst things about ADHD is having energy and motivation when you don't need to have it. Many people have reported that Adrafinil helps this.

There is a lot of evidence out there that an Adrafinil ADHD cure is possible and many people have been using the drug successfully. If current ADHD treatments are not working, people would be well advised to consider trying Adrafinil.


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